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Business Management: Fin Man 244- 2022

Referencing assistance

Use the Stellenbosch Harvard Style guide to ensure you are referencing correctly. 

A few referencing tips:

  • Know the Referencing Style that you are using, Mendeley does not replace knowledge
  • Make sure what you are referencing, different material types are displayed differently in the bibliography
  • Makes sure that your in-text citations match your bibliography
  • Most important, be CONSISTENT

Writing Tips and Support for your research

Watch this 6 part Literature Review Playlist for help with how to do a literature review from the start. 

Literature Review training notes, Tips and Tricks  by Elizabeth Moll-Willard


"Plagiarism is the theft and use of the ideas, material and other intellectual property of others that are passed off as one’s own." SU Senate. 1 Dec 2016.
Library Plagiarism Guide

Literature Review training notes, Tips and Tricks compiled by Elizabeth Moll-Willard

If you are using Microsoft Word, make use of the built in tools that will help you.

These tools include the following:

  • Inserting page numbers, and differentiating between different pages (such as (i), (ii), 1, 2)
  • Using the table of contents generator to automatically create a table of contents and designate headings
  • Inserting footnotes and cross-referencing

Writing laboratory / Language services

Do you want to improve your writing? Are you looking for writing support? The Writing Lab is there for you!

Book a free writing consultation
Writing skills workshops
Writing groups

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