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Professional Communication for EMS: Referencing & Plagiarism

Referencing Library Guide

Use the Stellenbosch Harvard Style to ensure you are referencing correctly. 

A few referencing tips:

  • Know the Referencing Style that you are using. You need to be able to spot mistakes.
  • Make sure what you are referencing, different material types are displayed differently in the bibliography.
  • Make sure that your in-text citations match your bibliography
  • Most important, be CONSISTENT


Plagiarism Library Guide

Make Sense of Referencing Book and Examples

Book - Make sense of referencing – The Harvard, APA and Vancouver methods and the footnote system
Published by the Stellenbosch University Language Centre
7 Bosman street, Stellenbosch
All rights reserved
Copyright © 2010

Examples - Harvard (Stellenbosch) examples A-Z