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Research Data Management: Data Management Planning

Fundamental Aspects of Data Management Planning

What is Data Management Planning?

Data management planning is a process during which researchers describe the manner in which they plan to manage data during and after their research projects.

Data Management Planning in Practice

  • Data management planning should occur during the planning phase for a research project.
  • The process of data management planning is facilitated through the use of data management plans (DMPs).

Data Management Plans

  • A data management plan is an a priori description of how data will be handled both during and after research.
  • Data management plans should be updated throughout the study as plans change.
  • Data management plans are created and submitted to research funders as part of grant applications or they are created in order to assist researchers with the management of their research data even if grant applications are not applicable.
  • Some research funders provide their own templates to facilitate the creation of data management plans. Researchers can access funder templates on both DMP Tool and DMP Online
  • Data management plans can be created by using data management planning software such as Data Stewardship Wizard.

Evaluation of Data Management Plans