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Research Data Management: Data Publication

Data Publication

How are data published?

Data can be published in several ways:

  • Data publishing via academic journals
  • Data publishing via data journals
  • Data publishing via repositories

Data publishing via academic journals

Some academic journal publishers require researchers to submit supplementary data along with their scholarly papers.  ​

Data publishing via data journals

Research data can be published in the form of stand-alone data papers in selected data journals.

Data publishing via repositories

Researchers can publish research data through different types of repositories. A comprehensive list of existing repositories can be found on the Registry of Research Data Repositories website. Additionally, a software tool known as Repository Finder can be used in order to identify repositories which comply with accepted best practices such as the FAIR Data Principles. ​Stellenbosch University has its own institutional research data repository known as SUNScholarData. This repository can be used for the registration, archival storage, sharing and dissemination of research data produced or collected in relation to research conducted under the auspices of Stellenbosch University. Detailed information about SUNScholarData can be found on the SUNScholarData libguide.