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Open access publishing: Emerald

Agreement with the publisher

The Read & Publish agreement with Emerald for 2022-2024 permits corresponding authors from SU to publish a capped number of articles as OA free of charge in the gold and hybrid journals to which we subscribe. The caps apply to all participating SANLiC members and work on a first-come-first-served basis.

The caps (for the consortium as a whole) on the number of articles that can be published at no extra charge for the years of the agreement are:

  • 2023 = 134
  • 2024 = 158


Support from the publisher

Emerald has  partnered with the SANLIC Consortium to provide participating institutions in South Africa with an agreed number of APC vouchers.

Eligibility – If you are an author based at a participating institution you are eligible for an APC voucher which will be allocated at the point of which your article is accepted. Vouchers are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Where you can use your APC voucher – Vouchers can be used for publishing in our hybrid and fully open access journals, and on our open access platform, Emerald Open Research.

How to use your APC voucher – When publishing in a journal, simply select the option to publish open access when submitting your article on scholar one. When publishing on Emerald Open Research, your eligibility will automatically be recognised and applied.

Always use your institutional email address when submitting your work as this enables us to recognise your eligibility.



Going beyond the bounds of a traditional publisher, we want to be a facilitator of impact, encouraging equitable, healthy and sustainable research and publishing for all.

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