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Chemistry & Polymer Science: Chemistry & Polymer reference sources

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Periodic Table

Dynamic Periodic Table
This table provides the properties, orbitals, isotopes and compounds of the elements

Key references sources for Chemistry & Polymer Sciences

Recommended sources:

1) Kirk-Othmer encyclopedia of chemical technology
Articles on chemical substances—including their properties, manufacturing, and commercial uses. Additionally, environmental and health issues concerning chemical technology are also addressed

2) Knovel (Training material)
 Knovel contains data on chemical properties as well as numerous full textbooks on Chemistry. Also includes equations, unit converter, property searches and many more tools!)

3) Ullmann's encylopedia of industrial chemistry
Detailing the science and technology in all areas of industrial chemistry, including history

Other resources:

Periodic Table, the past, present, and future
AOAC official methods of analysis Also available in print: Open Collection 543 AOA
* Chemical Elements (From history to properties, health effects etc)
Chemistry of the elements  (Greenwood) (Print copy also available in Short Loans)
* Comprehensive natural products chemistryReference Collection R* 547.7 COM
* Comprehensive coordination chemistry : the synthesis, reactions, properties & applications of coordination compounds - 
Reference Collection R* 541.2242 COM 
* Comprehensive organometallic chemistryReference Collection R* 547.05 COM
* Comprehensive polymer scienceReference Collection R* 547.7 COM
* CRC handbook of physics and chemistry540.212 CRC
Dictionary of chemistry
* Encyclopedia of analytical chemistryReference Collection R* 543.03 ENC
* Encyclopedia of chemistry research volume 1 and 2 Library - Reference Collection shelf number R* 540.3 ENC
* Encyclopedia of chemical technologyReference Collection R* 660.3 ENC
* Encyclopedia of inorganic chemistryReference Collection R* 546.03 ENC
* Encyclopedia of polymer science and technologyReference Collection R* 668.9 ENC
Hawleys condensed chemical dictionary
International critical tables of numerical data, physics, chemistry and technology
  Also available on the Knovel platform  Also in the Reference Collection R* 500.212
* Nature's Building Blocks: an A-Z Guide to the Elements - Reference Collection R* 546 EMS
* Polymer handbookReference Collection R* 547.7 POL
* Polymer reference bookReference Collection R* 547.7046 CRO
* Synthetic methods of organometallic and inorganic chemistryReference Collection R* 547. 05 SYN