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What is an academic/peer-reviewed article?

Peer-reviewed or academic articles are articles written by academics/experts/researchers on a specific field of study. These articles usually contain a bibliography at the end of the article and information on the author’s academic qualifications and university at the beginning of the article. A peer-reviewed journal article was reviewed by people with credentials in the article's field of study before being accepted for publication.


Predatory Journals and Conferences

Shamseer et al identifies 13 evidence-based characteristics by which predatory journals may potentially be distinguished from presumed legitimate journals. These may be useful for authors who are assessing journals for possible submission.The 13 characteristics are summarized in this article.

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Key Journals for Theology

Use Library Search and e-Journals A-Z list  to search for available Theology journals .

Search for e-Journals using the title of the journal on e-Journals  A-Z list.

e-Journals A-Z list

Alphabetical list of all the electronic journals that the SU Library Service subscribes to.

Publishing Your Research

See Bibliometrics and citation analysis guide for links and information to Accredited journals; Journal impacts; Article impact; Author impact and Terms & definitions.

The ORCID and other researcher identifiers guide gives an overview of unique author identifiers. It also gives information about the implementation of ORCID at Stellenbosch University.

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