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Find, access and use information effectively: a step-by-step guide: Communicate

Find, access and use information effectively: a step-by-step guide

Recommended Websites


Writing assignments, research papers and creating presentations can be very challenging. Knowing how to take notes and paraphrase ideas can help.

Microsoft Office Help

Are you required to use Excel, Word, or PowerPoint for a paper or presentation? Do you feel comfortable using these applications?

If not, consider visiting the Microsoft Office website. The site contains a plethora of information on their products including how-to documents,  templates, webcasts, training videos and more.

Catalogue Resources - Writing and Research Help

Need writing assistance?

Contact the Writing lab Service for a consultation.

What does a consultation entail?

It is an individual session in which you can discuss your writing with a trained writing consultant in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. You will learn to develop various writing strategies to enable you to write current and future assignments more effectively.

How long does a session last?

Usually an hour, but you can come more than once.

Do you have to pay for the consultation?

No. This is a free service to all Stellenbosch University students.

Who are the writing consultants?

Our consultants are postgraduate students from Stellenbosch University from fields of study ranging from Political to Polymer Science. They are experts and experienced in the writing process, as well as in working with the writing of other students.