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E-books: Major e-book collections at SU

A guide on finding and using e-books in Stellenbosch University Library.

Worth knowing

The Library buys e-books on a variety of platforms, but we do not necessarily have access to all the books on those platforms.

There are two kinds of e-book platforms:

  • Publisher platforms contain the e-books that a specific publisher produces.
  • Aggregator platforms include e-books from a variety of publishers, societies, associations, or organizations. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used to protect the rights of the copyright holder. The number of pages that may be copied or downloaded is limited.

The boxes below provide useful information regarding the different e-book collections at SU.

Wiley Online Library

On the Wiley site a green open lock will indicate content that SU users have full access to. There is no way to limit the content to only that which is available to us.

Springer e-books

Springer indicates no access with a yellow closed lock. At the top of the page a user can untick the button next to "Include Preview-Only content". This will limit your results to only those books that we have access to.

Ebook Central (Aggregator)

Sage e-books

On the Sage site, a purple closed lock indicates content that we do not have access to.

Sage allows you to limit your results to content "Available to me". See the list of filters on the right-hand side of the page.

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

A collection of electronic books in medicine, housed on Stellenbosch University's existing OVID platform

Liverpool University Press

Science Direct e-books

More than 3000 electronic books and reference works, published by Elsevier, are housed on SU’s existing Science Direct platform.

To see only the books that SU users have access to, select "Subscription & complimentary" in the dropdown menu below "All access types" at the top of the page.

Cambridge University Press

Limit your search to 

EBSCOhost E-books (Aggregator)