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Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering: Reference Management

Help with referencing styles

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Mendeley Reference Manager


With Mendeley Reference Manager you can store and organize all your references. Seamlessly insert references and bibliographies using Mendeley Write-and-Cite. Read, highlight and annotate uploaded PDFs, and keep all your thoughts across multiple documents in one place. Create groups for collaboration.

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Mendeley @SU library guide
How To Use Mendeley Reference Manager (Complete Beginner's Guide)
Mendeley YouTube Tutorials
Mendeley help guides

How to use Mendeley to automatically manage and sync Latex/BibTeX references

Mendeley can make referencing in LaTeX very easy and automated. Learn to create a BibTeX file from your library of references in Mendeley and sync the BibTeX file so that any changes in Mendeley are reflected in the file automatically.
Watch video created by Jamez Azam, PhD candidate in Mathematics, Stellenbosch University



Referencing sources


Turnitin is a tool to check the originality of your written work; where necessary it will provide guidelines on where and how you can improve the originality of your work


Plagiarism is the act of stating or implying that another person's work is your own. Plagiarism can range from submitting a paper you didn't write to omitting key citations. Any action in which you misleadingly claim an idea as your own when it is not could constitute plagiarism.

Please consult the Library guide on plagiarism