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Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering: Research and Publication Support

Guidelines on writing a scientific paper

Research Data Management


 Research Data Management can be defined as a process which consists of two components: 

  1. Planning for the manner in which research data will be managed during and after the research process; and
  2. Controlling the collection, processing, analysis, sharing, dissemination, curation and reuse of research data.

Read more on our Research Data Management Page.

Resources on research methods, writing and publishing

Other library guides and pages to consult

Some more useful resources

PhD ProofReaders - It is a great website that is full of tips and tricks for writing, including a PhD thesis-at-a-glance template and a checklist, helping you make sure you haven’t missed a thing.

Enhancing Postgraduate Environments (useful resources for supervisors and postgraduates)

Postgraduate Office resources - this is a must! It has templates for everything you will need (MoUs, project management, dissertation guidelines, etc) as well as a great research toolkit.