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Microfinance: E-books

A guide to Micro-finance resources

E-book guide

Before you start

Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service purchases e-books from various publishers, but some publishers sell their e-books to individuals only and do not allow libraries to purchase their books in an electronic format.

Some of the e-books and e-book websites only allow access to a limited number of Stellenbosch University members at the same time. You will get a message that the book is not available and you will have to try again later.

On most, but not all, e-book interfaces, clients can create a free, individaul account which will allow the reader to:

  • save books to a personal bookshelf from where it can be accessed again at a later stage
  • highlight sections and insert notes
  • print individual pages

E-books related to core subjects

E-books related to core subjects