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  • Library AND Information Service

Microfinance: Research Data Support

A guide to Micro-finance resources

Why research data is needed?

  • The benefits of publicly-funded research should flow back to the public 
  • Management of research projects in a more efficient manner
  • Compliance with research funder mandate
  • Compliance with legal and ethical requirements
  • In order to facilitate the reproducibility and re-usability of research findings
  • Duplication of research efforts can be reduced – along with the associated costs
  • Validation of previously published research

Data support at Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service

Recommended Data Repositories

SUNScholar Data powered by Figshare (to be launched 2019)

FAIRDOMHub a repository for publishing FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and (reusable) data, operating procedures and models for the systems biology community

re3data logo

Useful data science tools

NextJournal - a notebook designed to make complex Data Science painless

Useful apps to analyze, clean and organize your data (see column 3 on the linked page)

Data Nudge A newsletter with useful tips!