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Access to PressReader

PressReader provides online access to over 7200 newspapers and magazines,.
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Quick access:

Nature 1997+ 
New Scientist 2013+  
Science 1997+ (Visit JSTOR Archive for issues 1880-2014)
Scientific American (Visit JSTOR Archive for issues 1845+)
The Economist 1997+

Prior art literature review search resources

SCOPUS provides a comprehensive search across patent organisations as well as subject topics across all publishers

To search Scopus:
Conduct your search
Click on the “Patent results link” above the search document results if focusing on patents.

Scopus Tip & Trick: search smarter, find faster / More training material

SciFinder Scholar 
REGISTER your individual SciFinder account for access (Login problems? contact
Limit to patents: Enter search terms in the "enter query" field, select references and refine to Patent in documents type 

Patent Office search engines:
Search South African Patents
USPTO Full-Text Database
The complete collection of patents filed and approved in the US since 1790. Full-text of the patent is available 1990-present, while historical patents are available as image files
7 Step Search Strategy - (USPTO - PTRC) This is a brief one-page guide to patentability searching on USPTO
Espacenet International Patent Search (European Patent Office)
International patent information from 1836. Includes patents and patent applications, patent family information, and bibliographic records of historical patents.
Canadian Patent Database (CIPO)
Canadian patents, 1869-present. Full-text available 1979-present; historical patents are presented as images.
PatentScope (WIPO)
International patents and patent applications from the World Intellectual Property Organization, updated daily. Includes translation tools.
AusPat - the search system for Australian patents.
Patent search engines:

Advanced priot art, landscape, FTO & opposition search. Analyse USPTO, EPO, WIPO and more patents

Free Patents Online
An independent and free search engine for patents from the US, WIPO, Japan, and Europe. Includes full-text and diagrams for patents and patent applications.
Google Patents
Google's patent search, collecting patents and patent applications from the patent offices of the US, Europe, Canada, Germany, China, and WIPO
US patent search and directory of patent lawyers. Searching is free, downloading requires registration.
The Lens
The DNA Patent Database searches areas such as genomics, genetics, biotechnology, and other fields. Covers patents from 1971

Search for environmental legislation in South Africa

SABINET Legal Platform
An expert team updates South African national, provincial and local legislation on a daily basis

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