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Economics: Research - Tips & Tools

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Research Data Management


 Research Data Management can be defined as a process which consists of two components: 

  1. Planning for the manner in which research data will be managed during and after the research process; and
  2. Controlling the collection, processing, analysis, sharing, dissemination, curation and reuse of research data.

Read more on our Research Data Management Page.

Your research footprint: ORCID

Create your individual ORCID ID
ORCID Author ID implementation at Stellenbosch University

1) The NRF requires that all researchers and students applying for funding and/or
     rating at the NRF have an ORCID identifier.
     Read the NRF Statement

2) Improve your research footprint:
    Upload  your SCOPUS publications to your ORCID AuthorID 

3) Record your ORCID when you submit a paper.
    CrossRef can automatically update your ORCID record on publication if the publisher is
    connected to CrossRef. The Crossref auto-update process is granted from a message within your ORCID inbox.
    For more information: visit ORCID

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