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Economics: GEM 2022


Visit the #SmartResearcher library calendar for more information on our workshops: copyright issues in theses and dissertation writing, how to conduct a literature review, Mendeley for reference management and more!

Do you want to improve your writing? Are you looking for writing support? The Writing Lab is there for you!  Book a free writing consultation or attend the Writing skills workshops.

Need a new Research Environment? The Carnegie Research Commons -  in the library is reserved for students at masters and doctoral level.

Library Access

Off-campus E-access
As a SU registered student  you will have access to a wealth of electronic publications available in full-text from off-campus via our library homepage. When off-campus and prompted to login, log in with your SU username (also called "network" or "portal" credentials) and password. See Password Selfhelp guide.

For off-campus access details, see our Library guide: Off-campus Access for Stellenbosch Registered Users.

Borrowing from other university libraries
Registered honours, master’s and doctoral students may complete attached form to request a referral letter to present at other  libraries in order to apply for borrowing membership. Find complete details on  Visiting & using other university libraries .

Interlibrary loans
Interlibrary loans is a service available to registered students  to request books and articles, not available at the libraries of the Stellenbosch University Library. Documents are requested from South African libraries as well as international libraries.  Use the online ILL request form to submit a request.

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Mendeley Workshops

Have a look at our Mendeley Guide for more information on how to install Mendeley and getting started with Mendeley. 

Mendeley Mondays (Online) - Mendeley Mondays are aimed at users who are both new and experienced to Mendeley, but who struggle with specific issues. Register on the Library training calendar.

Library Training Google/Google Scholar

Harvard referencing & Plagiarism

Tip:Take a look at the references within theses from the department for examples of how to cite and reference different documents

Library Databases for Datasets

IRESS provides financial data and company information across various sectors. 

Marketline Advantage:
MarketLine advantage is a dynamic platform featuring: Coverage of 33,000+ companies, updated annually. • 5,000+ industry Profiles, updated annually. Have a look at their user guide for more information. 

Quantec focuses on the marketing, distribution and support of economic and financial data, country intelligence and statistical, econometric and decision analysis software.

They provide:

  • Macroeconomic Service — A wide-ranging collection of South African and Global macroeconomic data and analysis.
  • Industry Service — A unique and consistent analytical view of South Africa's economic structure by industry.
  • International Trade Service — Data and analysis on South Africa’s international trade.
  • Regional Service — Detailed regional economic data and analysis for the South African economy down to district, town council and lower sub-national levels.
  • Impact Analysis Service — National and Regional impact tables and multipliers for South Africa analyse the economic impact of a variety of scenarios.

Aside from our intimate knowledge of survey data which we host on our online data portal we work extensively with transactions data in retailing, banking and telecoms. We also have a wealth of expertise in merging and enriching datasets with external sources such as deeds data and credit bureau data

Access: During the lockdown, any student that registers will be given full access. Send an e-mail to confirming that you have registered for the free trial. You MUST use your SUN e-mail.

Statistics South Africa is the national statistical service of South Africa, with the goal of producing timely, accurate, and official statistics in order to advance economic growth, development, and democracy.

Useful tool for research

Some helpful tools:

Feedly is a useful RSS feed reader which allows you to embed search and various other alerts into the platform, and find all your information on one place. Have a look at our Creating alerts guide for more information on alerts. 

SAGE Research Methods Online:
A useful one stop database for all things Methodology. Need help with your literature review? Need more information on Data Collection? Doing Mixed Methods Research? SAGE Research Methods Online is essential for any researcher.

Need to find other dissertations on your topic? Have a look at SUNScholar for Stellenbosch University Theses, IR Space for South African Theses, and CORE for international Theses.

See our list of useful tools for research for more.

Analyzing URL's

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a web address for a page or document on the World Wide Web. We can make some educated guesses about the reliability of a web site if we know a little about URLs. 

Each URL (for example, consists of an access protocol (http), a domain name (, and an optional path to a file or resource residing on that server (about/internships).

The domain name indicates the organization responsible for the site ( in the example above). The top-level domain indicates the type of site (gov in the example above).

The most common top-level domains and the type of site they indicate are:

  • com     commercial business or for-profit organizations
  •   commercial South Africa
  • gov      United States government agencies
  •   government South Africa
  • edu      educational institutions
  • ac        academic institutions
  • mil       United States military organizations
  • org       non-profit organizations

In general, .gov and .edu web sites are more reliable than .com web sites.

Effective searching

Boolean Operators AND / OR / NOT

AND – returns results with both keywords. AND usually limits the search results
OR – returns results with one or the other keyword.It broadens your results by connecting two or more synonyms.
NOT – returns results excluding specific keywords

Use the Boolean Machine for visualizing the effects of Boolean operators .

More tips:

Quotation Marks “ ” – keep keywords together, for exact phrase searching
Brackets ( ) – keep concepts together, used for synonyms


("green energy" OR "sustainable energy" OR "renewable energy") AND (logistics OR "supply chain")


Search Phrase


Use the "Search strategy builder" to help you create a search string, using Boolean logic. You can cut and paste the results into most databases’ search boxes.

Google Scholar

Accessing Journals/Magazines

How to use PressReader

Evaluating information



We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions regarding this training session. Please complete the Evaluation Form and submit.