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Google and Google Scholar: Google Book Search

A guide on how to use Google and Google Scholar effectively.

What is Google Book Search?

The Google Books Library Project began in December 2004 as a partnership between Google, Inc. and five libraries -- University of Michigan, Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford Universities, and New York Public Library.The partnership has grown to include several more libraries, including the University of Illinois.

Many details about Google Book Search have not been published by Google -- such as how many books are available, guidelines for selection, and the algorithm by which books are searched. What is known is that a search in Google Book Search will retrieve a variety of content from the full text to excerpts including tables of contents, indexes, title pages, and limited selections in which the search terms are used in context based on whether the content is in the public domain or depending on the arrangement with publishers. Google Book Search makes possible the exploration of what is between the covers of a book -- information that is not contained in a library's catalogue records.


Features of Google Book Search

  • About this Book -- provides information about the book
    • Snippets -- search terms used in the context of the text
    • Table of contents
    • Index
    • Related books
    • References from other books and scholarly works from Google Scholar
  • Find it in a library link -- only books in the public domain (no longer under copyright) are linked to libraries
  • Advanced Search -- provides options to search for fuller access to books
    • Option to view books
    • Search library catalogues

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Google Book Search