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Google and Google Scholar: Home

A guide on how to use Google and Google Scholar effectively.


Even librarians use Google Scholar! Improve your searching by learning tricks of the trade using advanced features of Google and Google Scholar. Learn the benefits and limitations of what Google Scholar can do for you.  Also, learn about the Google Book project and how to find online books.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google books

Google Book Search

What's in this guide?

This guide is meant to help you learn to use Google Scholar in concert with the Stellenbosch University library resources to your greatest advantage. Using this space for discussion is highly encouraged: there are places to add comments and questions on each page.

Please feel free to add comments to any section.

What is in this guide:

  1. Home
  2. Google
    • Search tips for a basic Google search
  3. How Google Scholar works
    • How to incorporate Google Scholar into your research
    • What is Google Scholar good for?
    • What is Google Scholar NOT good for?
  4. Strategies for searching
    • Searching in Google Scholar
    • Setting Preferences
    • Finding Articles
  5. Google Book search
    • What is Google Book Search?
    • Features of Google Book Search
  6. Evaluating websites
    • Evaluation criteria for websites
    • Analyzing URLs


Thank you

With thanks to Merinda Hensley, Reference and Instruction Librarian at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA for allowing me to copy from het LibGuide, What Google Scholar Can Do for You, and
Karla Aleman, Distance Instruction Librarian at Camden-Carroll Library, Morehead State University, USA