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Music: General Information

About this page

This page contains general information for researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is a general page to orientate students and researchers with the extra administration pertaining to their studies and research. It also includes additional information pertaining to the research process. The information on this page consists only of excerpts - please follow the links provided at the various sections for complete details.

Further suggestions for this page and guide can be directed to Santie de Jongh (, or you can make use of the form on the feedback page.


Important dates

University Almanac

Exam & term dates

Graduation dates

Dissertation / Thesis / Research proposal requirements






Publication of dissertations

Master's theses: Format (fonts, length of abstracts, declarations, copyright, plagiarism, etc.), submission and duplication (binding or electronic formats) - See SU Calendar - Policies and Rules, Part 1 (General)

Doctoral dissertations: Format (fonts, length of abstracts, declarations, copyright, plagiarism, etc.), submission and duplication (binding or electronic formats) - See SU Calendar - Policies and Rules, Part 1 (General)

Watermarks (SU Crest):

The SUNScholar team will add the crest to all Master’s theses and Doctoral dissertations after submission of the finalized PDF through the electronic ETD system.

Language Resources

Links to Stellenbosch University Language Centre resouces: Language style guide, bilingual and multilingual terminology lists and glossaries.

Postgraduate Examinations Office

Time to hand in your thesis/dissertation?

The Postgraduate Examinations Office (PEO) manages certain aspects of the examination of Doctoral and Master's candidates in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The procedure for submission of doctoral dissertations and Master's theses is as follows:

  • The student must inform the PEO of his/her intention to graduate by handing in the prescribed form.
  • When the thesis/dissertation is ready for examining, a copy for each examiner, in the correct format for sending to the examiners, must be handed in to the PEO.

Please see the link below for contact details and further information.

Postgraduate registration process

Registration dates


How to register

Resources (contact and location)

Research Ethics

All researchers and students at Stellenbosch University (SU) need to obtain approval from the Research Ethics Committe for human, animal, health, biosafety and environmental research.

Note: There are two deadlines for each session: an earlier date for the respective department (for example, the Music Department) and a later date for the Research Ethics Committee. Please ensure that you submit to the respective department (Music Department) some time before the earlier date as your completed application will still need to be approved by the respective department (Music Department) before it is sent to the Research Ethics Committee.

Applications are to be submitted electronically:

1. Student completes application form and notifies supervisor.

2. Supervisor checks information and signs off to Head of Department.

3. Head of Department checks information and signs off to Ethical Clearance Committee.

Research Process

This guide gives an overview of the different phases and activities of a research project, information sources, facilities and services that offer support.

Sending large files

Student help

My studies

My e-mail

My Maties

My library




Wifi printing


Students and Supervisors

Code of Conduct: Supervisor and Student

Stellenbosch University has drafted a code of conduct for guiding the relationship between supervisor and student.

See 'Students' - 'Calendar / Yearbooks' - Policies and Rules - Part 1, General'.

Table of contents: Postgraduate qualifications - 'Code of conduct guiding the relationship between supervisor and student'.


Stellenbosch Universiteit het 'n gedragskode opgestel oor die verhouding tussen studieleier en student.

Sien 'Studente' - 'Jaarboeke' - 'Beleide en Reëls - Deel 1, Algemeen'.

Inhoudsopgawe: Nagraadse kwalifikasies - 'Gedragskode: Studieleier/promotor en student'.


All thesis and dissertation submissions should be accompanied by a Turnitin receipt to show that the document has been checked for plagiarism. To check your thesis / dissertation for similarity and to generate the receipt, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into SunLearn ( using your student number.
  2. Under MY COURSES the module for which you are registered will appear.
  3. Navigate to the course page and upload your thesis under the PLAGIARISM CHECK heading.
  4. Wait for the confirmation e-mail. Turnitin can take up to 24 hours to generate a similarity report.
  5. Once the similarity report has been generated, you will be able to download your thesis with all phrases with similarity to other documents highlighted as well as a receipt.
  6. If you make any changes upload a new version and repeat the process.
  7. Please provide your supervisor / study leader with a copy of the receipt.

(Guidelines provided by Gerhard Roux.)


See link below for Turnitin guidelines.
For any further problems, contact SUNLearn directly: or Ph: +27 21 808-2222.


Alle tesisse en dissertasies moet vergesel word van 'n Turnitin kwitansie wanneer dit ingehandig word om te wys dat die dokument nagegaan is vir plagiaat. Om u tesis / dissertasie na te gaan vir ooreenstemming met ander bronne volg asseblief hierdie stappe:

  1. Teken aan op SunLearn ( met u studentenommer.
  2. Onder MY COURSES sal die module waarvoor u geregistreer is sigbaar wees.
  3. Navigeer na die bogenoemde kursusbladsy en laai u tesis op onder die hofie wat sê PLAGIARISM CHECK.
  4. Wag vir die e-pos wat die oplaai bevestig. Turnitin kan tot 24 uur neem om 'n verslag te genereer.
  5. Sodra die verslag geskep is sal u in staat wees om u tesis af te laai waarin alle potensiële plagiaat uitgelig is, sowel as 'n kwitansie.
  6. As u verandering aanbring laai 'n nuwe weergawe op en herhaal die proses.
  7. Stuur asseblief die kwitansie aan u studieleier.

(Riglyne verskaf deur Gerhard Roux.)


Sien onderstaande skakel vir Turnitin riglyne.
Indien enige verder probleme, kontak SUNLearn direk: of Tel.: +27 21 808-2222.

Postgraduate check list

  • Dates (SU Calendar)
  • Bursary applications
  • Apply for ethical clearance
  • Postgraduate Examination Office
  • Research proposal
  • Registration
  • Turnitin


Do you need to consult the Research Ethics process?