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Mendeley: Creating in-text citations and bibliographies using Mendeley Cite

A how-to manual for the reference management tool, Mendeley

Installing and running Mendeley Cite

Step 1

To install the Mendeley Cite add-in, click on the Tools tab in Mendeley Reference Manager and select Install Mendeley Cite for Microsoft Word.

A new tab in your preferred web browser will open and you will be prompted to sign in to the Microsoft Store. Once you have installed the add-in, a Mendeley Cite icon will appear under the References tab.

If the Mendeley Cite icon is not appearing on your MS Word ribbon, Open the Insert tab on your MS Word document. On the Add-ins group click the down arrow on My Add-ins then select Mendeley Cite to launch.

Step 2

Once you have clicked on the Mendeley Cite icon, you will be prompted to sign in with your Mendeley credentials.

Step 3

After signing in, you will be able to access your Mendeley library within Word and you will easily be able to add, edit and remove citations as needed. You can also use Mendeley Cite to generate a bibliography according to the referencing style you have selected.

Inserting and editing citations and the reference list

Inserting and editing citations

Inserting a citation

Use the search box to look for the source you want to cite, either by title or author of the source. Select the source and click on the insert citation button.

Editing a citation

Click on the citation you want to edit in your document. The citation will be highlighted in the Mendeley Cite column. By selecting the relevant citation, you can make any necessary changes, e.g add a page number on the pages field and tick the suppress author button if you want to omit the author. After editing the citation click on Save Changes button.


Inserting a reference list/bibliography

Move to the More tab (three horizontal dots) of your Mendeley Cite. Click on the three dots to open more options. Click on insert bibliography. Before generating the reference list make sure the cursor is placed where you wish to insert the bibliography.