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Political Science: Books

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320  The State


320.5  Political ideologies

320.6  Policy making

320.8  Local government

320.9 Political situations and conditions


321  Systems of government


321.3  Feudalism

321.8  Democratic government

321.9  Authoritarian government


322  Relation of state to organizations and groups


322.1  Religious organizations

322.2  Labour movements

322.3  Business and industry

322.4  Political action groups

322.5  Armed services


323  Civil and political rights


323.1  Civil rights of non dominant groups

323.3  Civil rights of other social groups

323.4  Specific civil rights

323.5  Political rights

323.6 Citizenship


324  Political process


324.2  Political parties

324.4  Interest and pressure groups

324.6  Elections and electioneering


325  Immigration and citizenship


325.3  Colonization

325.32  Imperialism


326  Slavery and emancipation


327  International relations


327.1  Foreign policy

327.2  Diplomacy


328  The legislative process (Internal organization of legislative bodies)


328 .2 Referendums


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For Human Rights see Electronic Law Books on INTERSENTIA

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