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Political Science: Assignment 212 / Opdrag 212

Political Socialization

Search on Google Scholar with the following keywords - copy and paste the search strings into Google Scholar

political socialization AND functions

political socialization AND “south africa” AND (young people OR young adults) narrow down the search with the date range 2015-2022

Also browse through to page 3/4 there might be some relevant articles as well


Search Google Scholar

Set up your Google Scholar to see the holdings in the SU Library see the pdf file attached

Find down below the links to chapters in Electronic Reference Works on political socialization

Cognitive mobilization

Search on Google Scholar with the following keywords - copy and paste any of these search strings into Google Scholar. You can also use your own combinations

cognitive mobilization AND definitions

"cognitive mobilization" AND "south africa" AND citizenship

cognitive mobilization AND political sophistication

cognitive mobilization AND (voting OR voters) AND "south africa"

Search Google Scholar

Remember to set up you Google Scholar on your computer to see the holdings in the SU library collections. See above pdf in the Political Socialization box

The SAGE Handbook of Electoral Behaviour is on Short loans (upper level next to the lending desk at the entrance of the library) You can use the book in the library for up to 3 hours. Look in the content pages of each volume. There is a chapter on Cognitive mobilization.

You can also make a booking to use the Learning Commons to scan or copy the chapter/s