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Viticulture and Oenology: Library Training New Postgraduates

This guide is intended to help students studying viticulture and oenology with basic library skills and how to use information resources

CRAAP test

Youtube videos

Need a refresher of some of today's content? Have a look at some of the how to videos that are available on Youtube:

Mendeley help

Break down a topic

If you have a topic, use that one. If not, use the following one:

Extraction and bioconversion of aroma impact compounds from Sauvignon Blanc grapes to wine matrices during white wine production 

Searching effectively

Predatory vs Non-predatory

Evaluate these journals:

 International Journal of Research in Agricultural Sciences
 International Journal of Agriculture Innovations and Research
Look for this article and evaluate it:
 Use of enzymes in wine making: a review by K Mojsov