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Music: Databases & Finding Articles

Databases A-Z list

Submit your research to RILM

Did you know that you can submit your research to RILM?

Authors and editors of various publications (books, journals, etc.) can submit abstracts of their publications to RILM for better research visibility. To find out how, please see RILM or contact RILM South Africa representative Santie de Jongh (

Your article will then feature in the RILM database (via EBSCOHost).

Open Access publishing

Key databases for music




For music and general research (various disciplines).




Choose from (selection):

Combined Library Catalogues: WorldCat, SACat, SANB

SA Citations: Sabinet African Journals, ISAP

SA Cat Plus: SACat, SANB, African Digital Repository, Current & Completed Research, UCTD (Union Catalogue for Theses and Dissertations)

SA News: SA Media, SAPA

Theses & Dissertations: African Digital Repository, Current & Completed Research, NDLTD (Theses and Dissertations), UCTD (Union Catalogue for Theses and Dissertations)

Journal Articles: Sabinet African Journals, African Journal Archive, ISAP

FirstSearch: ArticleFirst, Electronic Books, Electronic Collections Online, ERIC, PapersFirst, ProceedingsFirst, WorldCat Dissertations and Theses

Open Access Content: Open Access Journal Collection, African Journal Archive, African Digital Repository

African Studies Collection: Sabinet African Journals, ISAP, African Journal Archive, SA Media, SACat, SANB, Current & Completed Research, African Digital Repository







Other useful databases





Provides online access to over 7 200 newspapers and magazines, including more than 200 from South Africa. Available on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Articles or full publications may be downloaded to be read when offline.





How to find articles (Wise Oak)

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Google and Google Scholar

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