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Writing support for your research: Writing a thesis

This guide is intended to help AgriScience students with academic writing

General rules

The basic rules of manuscript language applies to all writing. Remember to keep things concise and clear.

A thesis is no different than writing an academic article, except for being a lot longer and more in-depth. Have a look at our other pages for tips that apply in both cases.

Thesis at a glance template

Structuring and formatting your thesis

There are some great guidelines on the library website under "online thesis submission" for structuring your document.

Don't forget to look at the Microsoft Tips & Tricks section for help using Microsoft Word.

Useful Resources

PhD ProofReaders - It is a great website that is full of tips and tricks for writing, including a PhD thesis-at-a-glance template and a checklist, helping you make sure you haven’t missed a thing.

Enhancing Postgraduate Environments (useful resources for supervisors and postgraduates)

Postgraduate Office resources - this is a must! It has templates for everything you will need (MoUs, project management, dissertation guidelines, etc) as well as a great research toolkit.

The Thesis Whisperer - Another great website with some great tools and helpful hints.