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School of Accountancy: Accounting Hons 2024


Welcome to the BAcc Hons 2024 Library Guide. In this guide, we aim to bring together all information related to conducting your research in a single place.

Identifying keywords

Databases contains articles with information that will guide you to the answers you seek. Instead of searching with questions on databases, you have to search for information using KEYWORDS.

When extracting KEYWORDS from your assignment or essay, you need to look at the key concepts that encapsulate your assignment.

Is it true that economic growth makes the rich richer and the poor poorer?


  • Economic growth
  • Inequality OR income inequality

Note: The concepts that you are looking for are not always expressed in the
language of the assignment or question, but often through other related terms.

See the Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Search Phrase


Use the "Search strategy builder" to help you create a search string, using Boolean logic. You can cut and paste the results into most databases’ search boxes.

Google Scholar

Referencing & Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the act of taking others' work and presenting it as your own. It can be deliberate or unintentional. To avoid plagiarism, it is important to reference the sources that you are using for your assignments. Read more on Plagiarism.

Use the Stellenbosch Harvard Style to ensure you are referencing correctly. 

A few referencing tips:

  • Know the Referencing Style that you are using, Mendeley does not replace knowledge
  • Make sure what you are referencing, different material types are displayed differently in the bibliography
  • Makes sure that your in-text citations match your bibliography
  • Most important, be CONSISTENT

Evaluating information - CRAAP Test


Boolean operators

AND – returns results with both keywords. AND usually limits the search results
OR – returns results with one or the other keyword.It broadens your results by connecting two or more synonyms.
NOT – returns results excluding specific keywords

Use the Boolean Machine for visualizing the effects of Boolean operators .

More tips:

Quotation Marks “ ” – keep keywords together, for exact phrase searching
Brackets ( ) – keep concepts together, used for synonyms


("green energy" OR "sustainable energy" OR "renewable energy") AND (logistics OR "supply chain")


Databases to search

ProQuest One Business 
Google Scholar
Science Direct
Sabinet African Journals 
Gartner - reports
Fitch Connect - reports
MarektLine Advantage - reports 
SAGE Research Methods Online - research assistance
IRESS - Financial & company data
IRESS Expert - Financial & Company data

Effective searching

Accessing Journals


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