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School of Accountancy: Topics

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Topic 1

 Introduction to Integrated- & Sustainability Reporting

Suggested keywords:  

  • integrated reporting
  • sustainability reporting
  • triple bottom line
  • assurance AND reporting

Topic 3

The Business Model Tool 1: The Business Model Canvas

Suggested keywords:  

  • business model
  • business model canvas

Topic 5

Stakeholder Engagement

Suggested keywords:  

  • stakeholder inclusivity
  • stakeholder trust
  • corporate reputation

Topic 7

Sustainability & Environmental Governance

Suggested keywords:  

  • sustainable yield
  • marine stewardship
  • "blue economy"

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Topic 2

Corporate Identity, Vision & Mission

Suggested keywords:  

  • "tone at the top"
  • corporate culture
  • corporate reputation

Topic 4

The Business Model Tool 2: The Value Creation Process

Suggested keywords:  

  • value creation
  • value creation process
  • stakeholder value
  • shareholder value
  • (corporate OR business) AND sustainability

Topic 6

Linking Risk Management and Strategy

Suggested keywords:  

  • "integrated thinking"
  • "key performance indicators"
  • 'SMART goals"
  • "management by objectives"

Topic 8

Disruptive Technologies

Suggested keywords:  

  • "disruptive technologies"
  • "supply chain tracking"
  • blockchain
  • "internet of things"