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African Languages: Assignment sources

Grammar books


African Languages & Linguistics -496


Zulu- 496.39865


Northern SeSotho- 496.3977107



SwaHili- 496.3928

Books on Cultures

All these books are at JS Gericke Library Lower Level

The AmaXhosa : The life and Customs / Jonh Henderson Soga   Shelf no: 305.8963985 SOG

Introduction to Xhosa Culture/ Mtuze,P.T Shelf no 305.8963985 MTU

Voices and the forest: Celebrating Nature and Culture in Xhosaland/ Dold,T & Cocks M Shelf no: 305.8963985 DOL

Vanishing Cultures of South Africa/ Magubane Peter  Shelf no: R305.896 MAG

The Xhosa and their traditional way of life/ Elliot Aubrey -305.896

The Basuto/ Ashton- 305.8963977 ASH

The Swazi/ Marwick- 305.896398 MAR

The Zulu People/ Brayant- 305.8963986 BRY

Zulu traditional customs and culture -305.8963986 ZULU

The Zulu -A-Z of culture and traditions- 305.8963986 KAP

The Tswana/ Schapera and Comaroff- 305.89639775 SCHA

Mekgwa Le Melao ya Batswana/Schapera -  305.89639775 SCHA

Shona peoples- 305.8963975 BOU

Traditional Ceremonies of AmaNdebele/ Nyathi Pathisa- 305.396398 NYA



Isichazi-Magama SeSiXhosa - Shelf no- R 496.39853 TSH

Encyclopaedia of World Cultures- R305.8003 ENC

Tribal Peoples of Southern Africa - R 305.800968 TYR

Working Group of Indeginious Minorities in Southern Africa- R 305 89605 REP

Compact Setswana  Dictionary - R496.39775321 DEB

World Encyclopaedia of Black People- R 305.896 WOR

Some Xhosa Idioms and Expressions / Mahlasela B.E.N- R398.9963985