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Sociology and Social Anthropology: Historical Documents (Government Publications)

Cape of Good Hope Documents


Parliamentary Papers:

These papers (1845-1909) are part of the Bluebook Collection and are kept in locked cupboards at Government Publications. An index is available at desk 4.

Select Committee reports:

Available 1845- 1909.

Government Gazettes:

Cape of Good Hope Government Gazettes are available from 1828 -1910.

Orange Free State Documents

Minutes of the National Assembly. 1854- 1898( Available in Dutch)

Hansards: 1903-1909


Parliamentary papers for Transvaal available 1903-1909. ( Incomplete)


Natal Gazette available from 1883-1910.

Natal Blue Blooks: 1875-1899

Historical Documents

These documents are of historical vaule and are being kept in locked cupboards in the Government Publications section. Indexes are available at desk 4.


 Abbreviations- Guide to printed papers:

A.12 - Paper printed by order of House of Assembly, No.12

A.B. 50 - Bill introduced into the House of Assembly, No. 50

C.B.5 - Bill introduced to Legislative Council, No. 5

C. 5833- Paper printed by order of House of Commons

G.10- Paper printed by order of Government, No. 10

P.368 - Petition presented to the House of Assembly, No. 368

S.C. 30 - Select Committee Report, No. 30


Blue Books & Select Committee Reports

Imperial Blue Books

Imperial Blue Books are parliamentary papers issued by the imperial authorities from the earliest days of British occupation of South Africa.

Location: Locked cupboards

Historical Statutes

Provincial ordinances and historical acts are in the Law section. Shelve number: XL SOU

British Parliamentary Papers

Colonies- Africa: Reports from Select Committees. 1801 - 1899

Slave Trade: Reports from Select Committees. 1810 - 1899


Photocopying of documents dated from 1910 to 1959 will be allowed at the librarian’s discretion. Photocopying of documents dated earlier than 1910 is not allowed.