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Law & Government Publications: Referencing

Stellenbosch Law Review Guidelines

How to cite

How to refer to official publications


Republic of South Africa. 2000. National Youth Commission Amendment Act 19 of 2000. Pretoria: Government Printer.

See: Van Dyk, T. & Coetzee, M. 2010. Make sense of refere​ncing: The Harvard, APA and Vancouver methods and footnote system​. Stellenbosch: Stellenbosch University Language Centre, p.24 

Law students must follow the guidelines on the Faculty of Law website.


Katz, M.M., chair. 1994. Interim report of the Commission of Inquiry into Certain Aspects of the Tax Structure of South Africa. Pretoria: Government Printer.

White Papers

Republic of South Africa. Department of Education. 1995. White Paper on education and training. Government Gazette no. 16312, 15 March.


Please use: How do I?  >>  Reference

Quoting Sources on the website of the Library of the North West University is a publication on reference techniques (using the Harvard method). Section 13 deals directly with referencing of Government Publications. (Permission was granted by North West University to use this source.). 
Van der Walt, Engela J. 2006. Quoting Sources. Edited by the Information Services of the Ferdinand Postma Library.


Turnitin is a tool to check the originality of your written work; where necessary it will provide guidelines on where and how you can improve the originality of your work.