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Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS): Visiting us


Welcome to the Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS)
Please see this page for information and procedures when visiting us.

Finding information

Please see 'Collections' for a summary of our collections.

Access to collection information takes place via finding aids and preliminary lists. Our finding aids provide detailed information about individual collections whereas preliminary lists provide basic information on the content of collections. In the case where finding aids are not available, please contact us to obtain preliminary lists of collections where applicable.


Arrange a visit

Please contact us in advance to arrange a visit or to consult our collections.

Santie de Jongh

Tel:     +27 (0)21-808 2597

Consulting hours:
Mon to Fri 08:00–16:30

When consulting collections

When consulting our collections, please take note of the following:

  • Only pencils may be used for making notes (the use of pens is prohibited).
  • Note paper, note cards, or a laptop computer may be used.
  • Items are not to be taken out of the Library.
  • Please switch mobile phones to silent (courtesy to other researchers).
  • Digital or mobile phone cameras are permitted to make reproductions in accordance with copyright (see 'Reproduction of items' further below).
  • Materials may be held on reserve according to individual arrangements.
  • Handle items with care (staff will assist with the proper handling of items):
    • No markings are to be made on manuscripts or any other archival items.
    • The arrangement of pages is not to be altered.
    • The original order of folders or items in boxes needs to be maintained.
  • No food or beverages allowed in the reading areas.


Reproductions of items

Depending on their physical state and risk of damage, items may be copied or photographed in accordance with donor agreements and copyright. With copying or when using digital cameras and mobile phones for photographs, you will be asked to complete a form.

To photograph items:

  • No flash to be used.
  • No special lighting to be used.
  • No tripods to be used.


  • Reproductions may only be used for research/academic purposes and not for commercial purposes.
  • Reproductions in any format may not be copied, disseminated, published, exhibited, reproduced or broadcast in any manner or form (including social media platforms) without the written permission of one of the following parties: The Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS), Music Library, Stellenbosch University or the Copyright Holder or SAMRO (Southern African Music Rights Organisation) or an affiliated performing rights society.
  • The Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS), Music Library, Stellenbosch University, as custodian of these collections, should be notified when permission for copying, dissemination, publishing, exhibiting, reproduction or broadcasting is obtained from the Copyright Holder or SAMRO (Southern African Music Rights Organisation) or an affiliated performing rights society.
  • Permission may be refused in consultation with donation agreements and copyright requirements.
  • When items from any collection at the Documentation Centre for Music at the Music Library, Stellenbosch University, are being referred to or quoted from, (e.g. in a thesis or published work), the applicant will give the full descriptions of the items and state that the original documents are in the possession of the Documentation Centre for Music, Music Library, Stellenbosch University.
  • The applicant is responsible for reproduction costs (including postage and sending).
  • The applicant is responsible for publication costs when permission is granted for publication or broadcasting.

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