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Off-campus Access for Stellenbosch Registered Users: Home

Welcome to the Off-campus e-access guide for Stellenbosch University registered users

This guide has been created to assist you with common problems related to accessing Stellenbosch University Library e-resources from off-campus. Some of these problems include:

  • Password problems
  • Access to full text articles via Google Scholar                              
  • Web browser preferences
  • Cache/cookies problems

Report a problem

Report your off-campus e-access problem by submitting a question to Ask a Librarian.

Off-campus document delivery

In addition to the off-campus e-access​ to all the e-resources the library subscribes to, undergraduate and postgraduate students (registered and prospective) who do not reside on campus and who are prepared to pay for the delivery of hard copy books and documents to them, may sign up for off-campus document delivery here.

Add a screenshot when reporting problems

You can do this by: 
Pressing the Print Screen button on your keyboard
Click the window that you want to copy. Press CTRL + ALT+PRINT SCREEN or just press the PRINT SCREEN Button on your keyboard. Explained in detail here

Important: The text you see on your keyboard might be PrtSc, PrtScn, or PrntScrn. The other text on the Print Screen key is usually SysRq.

Where is the PRINT SCREEN button?
The PRINT SCREEN key is usually located in the upper right corner of your keyboard. The key looks similar to the following: PRINT SCREEN key

Paste (CTRL+V) the image into a Microsoft Office program or other application.

Using the Snipping tool on your computer
To access the Snipping tool follow these instructions. The snipping tool looks like this

Or using the screen shot on your mobile device

Follow these instructions. The screen will look like this once you have successfully followed the instructions

Off-campus e-access at Stellenbosch University

How do I access the Library e-resource from off-campus?

Visit the library homepage and type your search terms in the search box or choose E-databases or E-journals from the FIND menu. Guidelines are available at Find, access and use information effectively: a step by step guide. See Find information.

Type your search terms in the search box OR choose E-Databases, E-Journals or SU Research Output (E-theses) from the FIND menu. When off-campus and prompted to sign-on, sign in with your SU username and password.   

Who will have access to the library's e-resources?
Due to licensing agreements with publishers, off-campus access to some of the library’s academic licensed e-resources are restricted to currently registered students and staff members of Stellenbosch University.

If you do not have e-access or not have your own SU username and password, see the SU user e-application options, on our homepage under HELP << Off-campus electronic access.

How can I, as a prospective postgraduate student, access the library's e-resources from off-campus?

In order to obtain off-campus access to the library’s academic licensed e-resources, prospective postgraduate students need to apply online to be enrolled for admission as a prospective postgraduate student at Stellenbosch University, which is handled by the University's Admission Office.

The prospective postgraduate e-application process has three separate steps (stages). You need to complete and submit each step before you will be able to move on to the next step (stage). See e-application process on our homepage under HELP << Off-campus electronic access.

Can I, as an alumni, access to the library's e-resources from off-campus?
Unfortunately not. The Library's academic subscription agreements with publishers and aggregators do not allow for this arrangement. ​​​​​Off-campus electronic access to the library e-resources is restricted to Stellenbosch University staff members and currently registered Stellenbosch University students.

How do I access and download eBooks?
Use our LibGuide for eBooks.

Off-campus e-access webinar:

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