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Makerspace: 3D Scanning

Provide a collaborative technologically focused environment for SU students and staff to invent, create and learn while sharing.

What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is a method that is used to convert physical objects into a digital format.

Makerspace offers a 3D scanning service that is free of charge to students, faculty, and staff.

You can make an appointment with a Makerspace staff member for assistance with 3D scanning. Schedule one-on-one sessions for more information on equipment, tools or design support. Select the Online Appointment tab to get started.

Steps to follow for 3D Scanning

Step 1: Make an appointment with one of the Makerspace staff members to book the 3D Scanning workstation in person or via email. Alternatively, contact the Administrative Officer of the Makerspace on 021 808 4655.

Step 2: When a student or staff member wants to use the 3D Scanner, they will only be allowed to use it after proper training by one of the Makerspace staff members.

Step 3: Bring a storage device for storing the digital files of the scanned object, or use FileSender.


3D Scanning

Einscan Pro 3D 2X

Scan Speed - 30fps 1, 500, 000 points (Handheld Rapid Scan)

Scan Accuracy - 0.04 mm (Fixed Scan)

Volumetric Accuracy - 0.1 mm + 0.3 mm/m (Handheld Scan Modes)

Minimum Point Distance - 0.2 mm (Handheld HD or Rapid Scan)



The EinScan-Pro 2X is the best choice for capturing real world data and converting it into digital 3D models.

Scanning objects is free of charge, but please make a booking by contacting the Makerspace staff via email before using the scanner.