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Makerspace: Robotic Kits

Provide a collaborative technologically focused environment for SU students and staff to invent, create and learn while sharing.

What is Robotics?

A robot can be defined as a machine operated by computer programs that can perform small actions. They can be programmed to do various things. The field in which we study robots is known as Robotics.


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AlphaBot2 Kit is available for use in the Makerspace:

This AlphaBot2 robot kit was designed for usage with the Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W. It features rich common robotic functions including line tracking, obstacle avoiding, ultrasonic ranging, Bluetooth/infrared/WiFi remote control, video monitoring, etc. Also consult the AlphaBot2-PiZero Development page for additional information.

MeArm Wood Kit

MeArm Wood Kit is for use in the Makerspace:

The MeArm kit is an open source robot arm that's designed to work the Arduino (or any microcontroller that can drive hobby servos) to give you a moving, grasping robotic arm. The Pocket Sized Robot Arm comes with all the wooden parts, hardware (screws, nuts etc) and four hobby servos.

Refer to MeArm Robotics Labs for more: