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Makerspace: Tools

Provide a collaborative technologically focused environment for SU students and staff to invent, create and learn while sharing.

What is a Dremel Rotary Tool

It is a rotating multi-tool that can be used to do the following:

  • Engrave
  • Carving
  • Sharpening
  • Polishing
  • Cutting
  • Grinding a different kind of materials.

The Dremel rotary tool is a handheld rotary tool that comes with a variety of attachments and accessories. You can use a Dremel tool on wood, metal, glass, electronics, plastic, and many other materials. Dremel tools are very useful for arts and crafts projects and small repairs. They  are also excellent for working in small or hard-to-reach spaces. The Dremel rotary tool can only be used on the Dremel workbench and with safety glasses.

Safety Rules and Tips


  • You need permission from the Makerspace staff before being allowed to use a tool.
  • Do not use a tool that you have not been trained in using by the Makerspace Staff.
  • Do not alter or misuse a tool.
  • Do not leave any running tool unattended.
  • Turn the power off to any tool that is not in use.
  • Always wear safety gloves and goggles when working with hand tools.

Policies and Rules

Usage policies and rules

All equipment and tools must be used within the Makerspace. Currently, there is no charge to use the equipment or tools. For more information on policies, rules and 3D printing costs see the Policy and Rules tab.