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Makerspace: Circuits

Provide a collaborative technologically focused environment for SU students and staff to invent, create and learn while sharing.





Breadboard is a device that is used for prototyping electronics circuits. Breadboard is an important device for learning electronics, Arduino and Raspberry Pi circuits. Makerspace has four breadboard, jumper wires and basic electronics components that can be loaned out at the Makerspace.

Sparkfun Essential Sensor Kit

Sparkfun Essential Sensor Kit is available for use in the Makerspace:

This kit includes a variety of basic sensors for any beginner or experienced programmer. With everything included in this kit, you’ll be able to sense acceleration, force, vibration, Infrared light, ambient light, temperature, and more! These are some great basic sensors from varying categories.

This kit includes:

Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - MMA8452Q - Senses acceleration along all three axes

Hall Effect Sensor - Holding a magnet near this sensor will cause the output pin to toggle

Tilt Sensor - A simple AT407 basic tilt switch that can easily be used to detect orientation

Piezo Element - These two Piezo elements come in handy when you need to detect vibration

Insulated Reed Switch - Senses magnetic fields, makes for a great non-contact switch.

IR Receiver Diode - The TSOP382 is a miniaturized receiver for infrared remote control systems.

Infrared LED - This is a very simple, clear infrared LED and works well for generic IR systems.

TMP36 - Temperature Sensor - The TMP36 is a low voltage, precision centigrade temp sensor.

Trimpot 10K with Knob - This 10K trimmable potentiometer has a small knob built right in

0.25" Magnet Square - Plays nicely with the reed switch.

0.5" Force Sensitive Resistor - A force sensing resistor with a 0.5" diameter sensing area.

Mini Photocell - The photocell will vary its resistance based on how much light it’s exposed to.

Flex Sensor - As the sensor is flexed, the resistance across the sensor increases.

Piezo Buzzer/Speaker - This is a small 12mm round speaker that operates at audible 2kHz range.

Resistor 1.0M Ohm 1/6 Watt PTH - Two 1/6th Watt, +/- 5% tolerance PTH resistors.

See the parts list and sensor kit video for more details.