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Food Science: Books

This guide is intended to help students studying food science with basic library skills and how to use information resources

Books and Other Items

Search SU libraries for Books & other items

Borrowing books from other libraries

You can request a book from another library if Stellenbosch University, Library and Information Services does not have access to it. All you need to do is complete this form

Recommend a new book for the library collection

Please complete this form to recommend a new book for the library collection

Finding books at SU Libraries

Finding books in the SU Library and Information Services

Watch any of these Wise Oaks videos to learn more about using Stellenbosch University, Library and Information Services:

What are Short Loans?

Short Loans is a specific section in the library, located behind the lending desk.

Here you may find prescribed books on shorter shelves, arranged by course and the lecturers name. You can only take these books out for 3 hours and only use them in the library.

The philosophy behind a "short loans" section is one of "equal access for all". The idea is that prescribed textbooks may be put here (when requested by the lecturer of the course), so that students can take the textbooks out and get the information they need, and then the book is still available for other students to be able to use.