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Medicine and Health Sciences: Research process: Where to publish | Apps

Medicine and Health sciences

Useful guides on identifying and honing skills for identifying excellent journals and conferences for publishing/sharing research

Predatory Journals and Predatory Conferences: is a library guide from Athabasca University and can help you identify excellent journals and conferences through which to publish and present research. It also provides questions to consider when evaluating a conference or journal; and includes resources for further reading.


Apps for researchers and clinicians

Research Impact

Tips for researchers on how to recognize a predatory or fake journal

Where to publish and information on predatory journals and conferences

 Open Access publishing support at Stellenbosch University: everything you need to know

* Predatory Journals and Conferences

NRF Statement on Predatory Journals & Deceptive Publishers

Predatory Journals and Conferences

Shamseer et al identifies 13 evidence-based characteristics by which predatory journals may potentially be distinguished from presumed legitimate journals. These may be useful for authors who are assessing journals for possible submission.The 13 characteristics are summarized in this article.

More on where and where not to publish in OA & beware of predatory journals

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