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Medicine and Health Sciences: Selected Websites

Medicine and Health sciences

Evaluating information on the web

It’s important to ask questions of any website that you plan to use in your research. Remember, only you can decide if the website is trustworthy, credible and authoratative. Some questions which may be of help towards this, include:

  • Who is the author /publisher of the page? Can the author's or creator’s credentials be verified? Is the author’s information listed?
  • Is the information current? When was it last updated? Are the sources documented? Are you getting balanced information?  Are there links to additional, reliable resources for the topic ?
  • Is the organisation’s site suitable/qualified to address the particular subject? Does the organisation’s site promote a specific agenda? Does this Web site belong to someone’s personal account in stead of an organisation?
  • If statistics are given, are the source of the statistics given?


Accredited Journals

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Free resources

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