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Medicine and Health Sciences: 'Becoming a Health Professional: Intro to EBHC

Medicine and Health sciences


Welcome to the First year students Class within the 'Becoming a Health Professional: Introduction to evidence based health care’ module.


Aim:     Exposure to resources that can assist you when you need to reference correctly
            Empower you to compile a basic search string when you conduct your research assignment


  • Session 1:    Using References correctly - Introduction to Mendeley 
  • Session 2:    Brief introduction to Databases and to put a basic search string together: Tools & Tips
  • Additional links to  appropriate online learning resources and available support (session 1 and 2)
  •  Questions >  Help Ask Chat

Closing & Feedback

Referencing styles at Stellenbosch

Authors of academic texts always need to acknowledge the sources they use for their research.

Follow the link below to learn why you need to reference, when and how you should provide references. The book covers the Harvard, APA and Vancouver methods and the footnote system.


Examples of Vancouver referencing style  |Make sense of referencingIn-text and reference list examples of the Vancouver method  on p 34+  | Characteristics of the method on p 10.

How do I do my assignment? To find, access and use information effectively,
use the Step-by-Step Guide.

Find information: Search strategy| Find articles | Find full text articles

Use information responsibly:   Plagiarism | Turnitin | Referencing

Need further  assistance?
Drop me a visit in the Medicine and Health Sciences Library, contact me or Ask Us 

How do I find and use information effectively: Finding journal articles

Watch our videos, and more help on making the best use of your library resources

Research Process: Managing your references

Managing your references (Why reference? Acknowledge owners of the works you use; when, how to cite (Vancouver-get to know), referencing -elements & exampes, E-book)  Can be a daunting task! Mendeley Libguide Support > detailed training sessions & Mendeley Mondays

 Why Mendeley? Open source, Services > Organise your references, Store & access from anywhere >Cloud, Easily cite and create your own references in WORD as you write, Create your bibliography in style of choice, Collaborate, Annotate pdf's.

How to start?  Advise you start using it from the beginning > as you conduct your research and get everything in Mendeley.

Various options: Pre-recorded session and guide include steps to create account and download desktop version. Important to note:  Strongly recommend using Mendeley Desktop instead of the newer Mendeley Reference Manager

 Helpful tips
           > does not replace knowledge, check your references and edit, RIS, BibTex


Find information > Search strategy  Improving your search strategy

Mendeley and referencing

Mendeley library guide

For detailed examples on the Vancouver style: visit the  Referencing libguide and follow the uniform requirements link at bottom of page under Faculty and health Sciences: Vancouver 

Mendeley: get started

Mendeley training

Conducting research assignment: Compile search string using Boolean logic for successful literature search

To see how Boolean Operators work , check out the infographic RH side above or watch video below it. The structure in short:

___ AND ( __OR __ ) AND ___ 

Perceptions of health care students towards evidence-based health care practice

EBHC AND (perceptions OR knowledge OR attitude) AND (dietetic* OR nursing OR physiotherapy)

Engage with literature and adapt strategy accordingly:

(EBHC OR "evidence-based health care") AND ( perceptions OR knowledge OR attitude) AND (dietetic* OR "human nutrition" OR nursing  OR nurse* OR physiotherapy OR physical therapy)

Worksheet Template: Develop your search strategy

Tutorial - Possible topics: 

  • Perceptions Of Medical Students About Research At Undergraduate Level
  • Life satisfaction of first-year medical students

What are Databases and Why you need them for your research?

Conducting a successful literature search

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Boolean operators

Learn aout Boolean logic

Search smarter, search faster, a video from the University of Sydney:

A Boolean Searching Library guide from Athabasca University:  Tips for searching with Boolean logic. and learn how to conduct phrase searching.

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