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Medicine and Health Sciences: Obstetrics: Training

Medicine and Health sciences

Training Evaluation

Welcome to this session and guide that serve as an introduction to the online library, resources and research support  when conducting your research assignment and along your journey as an Obstetrics and Gynaecology postgraduate student.
Interactive floor plan with available spaces, services & resources

Recommended resources customized presentation and library guide: Browse online books from Clinical Key; Databases: Compile a search string,  Scopus, Mendeley, Guides & tutorials Postgraduate guide,  Help: Ask, IL & contact details; Questions.

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Boolean operators

Tutorials & Worth to know

Training: Your library online, services, spaces, resources

Databases used in the training

Find citations and use bibliometric tools within Scopus, such as altmetrics for a specific article.

Set up alerts on Scopus to get a list of newly released articles.

Author: Important: Go to authors name group. Click on/ select all options which points to this author.

Documents: stellenbosch  W/3  ( obstetrics  OR  gynaecology )   (No use of Boolean AND here, rather  w/3)

Find possible collaborators:  Example: on your research interests globally and in Africa: Who are at which university with whom I can maybe work with


Example: Search string using boolean logic

 ( ______ OR ______ OR________)    AND ______ AND _______

(endoscopy OR minimal access OR minimal invasive) AND surgery AND gynaecology


Search strategy tutorial

Mendeley and referencing

Mendeley library guide

For detailed examples on the Vancouver style: visit the  Referencing libguide and follow the uniform requirements link at bottom of page under Faculty and health Sciences: Vancouver 

Online Books

Browse 41 online books in Gynecology and Obstetrics - from Clinical Key


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