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Medicine and Health Sciences: MTN, MPHN, MFNS Structured & Research AND PhD

Medicine and Health sciences


Welcome to this Introductory guide to appropriate online library resources and research support available to you as MTN, MPHN, MFNS Structured & Research AND PhD postgraduate students (click link for overview of services and resources).

Practical session:
Overview of Library website - what is available and how to use

Libguide with supporting resources, tools and guides to assist & support > in class & refer back to

  • During Research process > literature review    
  • Databases:  Pubmed, Scopus, Ebscohost Research databases - Africa-Wide, Science Direct, Sabinet Online
  • Tools: Compiling and adapting a search strategy, Finding articles
  • Help: Request online meeting with librarian, AskUs, Chat With Us  

Compiling of search strategy using Boolean Logic and Tips
Conducting Database searches
Basics of Mendeley

Boolean operators

Research output: Human Nutritition

Referencing styles at Stellenbosch

Authors of academic texts always need to acknowledge the sources they use for their research.

Follow the link below to learn why you need to reference, when and how you should provide references. The book covers the Harvard, APA and Vancouver methods and the footnote system.

Tutorials & Worth to know

Ebscohost Tutorials

Help with Statistical Analysis

Biostatistics Clinic  - from the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics - runs from 13:00-17:00 every first Wednesday of the month.

Storing and sharing of large files

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Research Process: Plan and design

Search string Using Boolean Logic and Tips

Worksheet: Develop a search strategy

Appropriate services delivered by dieticians for end-stage cancer patients

___ AND ( __OR __ ) AND ( __OR __ OR__) 

(service OR program OR therapeutic) AND (dietetic* OR "human nutrition") AND (end-stage OR hospice) AND (cancer OR malignan*) - 24 results

Engage with the literature, incl MeSH > for finding synonyms, narrower, broader, alternative or additional terms; look in title, abstract, keywords, and adapt strategy accordingly, e.g

(service* OR program* OR therapeutic) AND (dietician OR diet* OR nutrition*) AND (end-stage OR hospice OR palliative) AND (cancer OR neoplasm* OR malignan* OR oncolog* OR tumor* OR tumour*)  - 2 702 results

("Dietetics"[Mesh] OR diet*) AND ("Neoplasms"[Mesh] OR cancer*) AND (end-stage OR endstage OR hospice OR palliative) AND (service* OR program* OR therapy) - 1 081 results


  • Know your databases and tools and adapt/translate search string as/if necessary, e.g.  Scopus (diet* OR nutrition*) AND (end-stage OR hospice OR palliative) AND (neoplasm* OR malignan* OR oncolog* OR tumor OR tumour) ;
  • Use appropriate filters to limit search results > save time;
  • Consider registering on database > more  functionality
    • Save and/or export your search history; Set up an alert for your search to receive email notifications when new content related to search get added;
  • Know your file export buttons and appropriate file formats for reference management system
  • Keep record of your search strategies, your results, and back up your work;
  • Reach out if you have questions

Mendeley training

Search Ebscohost

Research databases
Limit Your Results
  • Select / Deselect all
  • Academic Search Premier
  • Africa-Wide Information
  • Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

How to find Books and Full-text articles

Watch our videos, and more help on making the best use of your library resources

Online Training sessions

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