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Law & Government Publications: Historical Documents

Cape of Good Hope Documents


Parliamentary Papers:

These papers (1845-1909) are part of the Bluebook Collection and are kept in locked cupboards at Government Publications. An index is available at desk 4.

Select Committee reports:

Available 1845- 1909.

Government Gazettes:

Cape of Good Hope Government Gazettes are available from 1828 -1910.

Orange Free State Documents

Minutes of the National Assembly. 1854- 1898( Available in Dutch)

Hansards: 1903-1909


Parliamentary papers for Transvaal available 1903-1909. ( Incomplete)


Natal Gazette available from 1883-1910.

Natal Blue Blooks: 1875-1899

Historical Documents

These documents are of historical vaule and are being kept in locked cupboards in the Government Publications section. Indexes are available at desk 4.


 Abbreviations- Guide to printed papers:

A.12 - Paper printed by order of House of Assembly, No.12

A.B. 50 - Bill introduced into the House of Assembly, No. 50

C.B.5 - Bill introduced to Legislative Council, No. 5

C. 5833- Paper printed by order of House of Commons

G.10- Paper printed by order of Government, No. 10

P.368 - Petition presented to the House of Assembly, No. 368

S.C. 30 - Select Committee Report, No. 30


Blue Books & Select Committee Reports

Imperial Blue Books

Imperial Blue Books are parliamentary papers issued by the imperial authorities from the earliest days of British occupation of South Africa.

Location: Locked cupboards

Historical Statutes

Provincial ordinances and historical acts are in the Law section. Shelve number: XL SOU

British Parliamentary Papers

Colonies- Africa: Reports from Select Committees. 1801 - 1899

Slave Trade: Reports from Select Committees. 1810 - 1899


Photocopying of documents dated from 1910 to 1959 will be allowed at the librarian’s discretion. Photocopying of documents dated earlier than 1910 is not allowed.

Colonial Africa in official statistics 1821-1953